Born in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture of Japan. She currently lives in Tokyo.

She started playing piano at the age of  4, and brass band in junior high school. 

Graduated from Tokyo College of Music. She passed the Tokyo College of Music solo and chamber music audition solo, and performed at the same concert and graduation concert. Graduated from Tokyo Music & Media Arts SHOBI Conservatoire Diploma course . Semi-finalist at the 2nd Jean-Marie Londeix International Competition. Also, as a member of "D-SAX", the French saxophonist Fabrice Moretti will be invited to perform in Paris and Epinal.

She has studied saxophones with Fumiyoshi Maezawa, Hitoshi Nakamura, Otis Murphy, Kazuyuki Hayashida, chamber music with Yushi Ishiwata, Yoshiyuki Hattori and Mariko, and jazz with Rick Overton and Atsushi Ikeda.

Currently, as a freelance player, she is active in solo, chamber music, brass band, orchestra, stage music, studio, live support for artists, etc., while also teaching backwards.

In addition to performing at the concert hall, she has performed at various institutions and companies such as educational institutions and music appreciation parties at Music for Children, and at numerous music events.

Members of the saxophone and piano music group "D-SAX", saxophone quartet "Color Saxophone Quartet", "Serendipity Saxophone Quartet", and piano and saxophone duo unit "La Nature".

Kawaguchi-ko Music Forest Automatic Musical Instruments Museum , Yokohama cruise ship Royal Wing regular artist.

Shimamura Gakki, Gunma Music Academy, saxophone instructor. Yamaha registered teacher.


Birthday: August 3, 1982

Favorite things: Indian Curry, Sweetness, Animals, Plants...

Hobbies: Painting, Cooking...